For thousands of years, our ancient ancestors around the world developed ways of working with soul, ways of communicating with spirit and ways to heal through connecting to nature. The powerful healing systems they developed are referred to as Shamanism, a term which comes from the Siberian tribal word for its practitioners – Shaman.

Shamanism is like tapping into a vast reservoir of ancient timeless knowledge which can be practiced anywhere under any conditions.  It helps us to develop the best in ourselves by giving us tools to deal with the challenges of life whilst improving the quality of how we relate to each other. Shamanism is especially powerful in healing the effects of past traumas and shows us how to live in balance and harmony with the earth, with others and with ourselves.

Central to the practice of Shamanism is the understanding that we are not separate from the natural world.  Our bodies are made up of the natural elements we see around us and we are an intrinsic part of the world ecosystem.  This holistic view allows us to open to the wisdom of nature, to observe our own behavior and to reclaim our own instinctual and authentic self.

The original meaning of the word Shaman is “she/he who can see in the dark”. Here the word “dark” is not literal but spiritual.  It refers to our ability to explore the inner workings of our own psyche.  A Shaman is one who can safely negotiate the inner worlds to recover wisdom, bring back psychic medicine, and to retrieve lost and damaged aspects of soul.

Shamanism considers spiritual development to be the most important personal endeavour. My study of Shamanism spans 20 years and I am honoured to present to you this work.

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