Amazon Expedition

Amazon ExpeditionThe Amazon Expedition is a 15 day Shamanic Immersion experience hosted by a traditional village deep in the Peruvian Amazon, which is next scheduled for 21 Nov – 7 Dec 2020.

The program includes 5 Ayahuasca Medicine Ceremonies overseen by the Shipibo shaman and plant master Juni, as well as daily herbal medicines including Cat’s Claw, Renequilla and Saracura to purify our organs, blood, nervous and immune systems, in support of our deeply transformative work.

Other program activities include Yoga/Chi Gung, Shamanic Journeys, Trance Dance, Breathwork and Jungle Walks to harvest the medicines, preparation and group process with plenty of time for relaxation and restorative practice.

We will be swimming in the Amazon River daily and eating a specific shaman’s diet which will be prepared for us, including locally caught fish, rice, yukka (a starchy root vegetable), eggs, beans, salad and local fruits.

Accommodation is in private cabins and adjoining rooms in traditional wooden huts with thatch roofs and workshop activities will be held in the communal space.

Your investment for the 15 day program is US$2,200 all inclusive and the expedition departs from Iquitos, Peru.

This is a powerful program for personal transformation hosted in a comfortable authentic village in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon and a remarkable opportunity to experience traditional Shipibo shamanic medicine together with contemporary tools for personal growth.

See the full details for the Amazon Expedition 2020 including how to apply for this extraordinary adventure.