Astrology is an ancient system of knowledge that orients us within the cosmos so we can understand our personal experiences through the natural cycles of our solar system. I approach astrology from both evolutionary and therapeutic perspectives, considering how the cosmic cycles can influence our spiritual growth and show us how to walk in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

Your birth chart is literally a map of the moment you were born and, when fully understood, serves as a key to unlocking your greatest potential.  The study of astrology has been a lifelong passion for me and after many years of learning the Western system of correspondences, I am honoured to offer personal readings as detailed below:

Year Ahead Forecast  – Cycles of Change

This reading looks at the major movements of the planets and the long term cycles in your birth chart, focusing on the significant changes coming in the year ahead. Readings can be booked at any time of the year and we will look at the next 12-18 months. Techniques used for this reading include major transits of the outer planets, planetary return cycles, annual profections and solar arc directions in your natal chart. 

In a Year Ahead Forecast I will explain the most important changes that are on the horizon and offer practical advice for how to make the most of the upcoming planetary action. It is important to remember that astrology is not “fortune telling” and planetary influences are nuanced and complex. It is more accurate to understand astrology as a reading of the cosmic cycles; a detailed guide that can tell you which energies are favoured or strengthened at any given time, which impulses may be stalled or weakened and how the planetary shifts are likely to effect you personally. This information empowers you to take advantage of potential opportunities, to navigate obstacles and to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in your life and how best to respond.

I am offering Year Ahead Forecast Readings as a 90 minute consultation online through Zoom. You can connect with me using a desktop, phone or tablet and you do not need any special software. To book, please make a payment below and then send me an email with your birth date and place (including town and country) and your birth time if possible. Please let me know if there are any specific questions that you would like me to address in the reading and any important dates coming up for you. We will arrange a suitable time for the session which will also be recorded for you to keep.

Year Ahead Forecast Readings are AU$150

I am offering an introductory discount for the first 10 readings at $100
Introductory readings will include a special focus on the ongoing Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions and the upcoming Saturn/Jupiter alignment in December 2020.

Year Ahead Forecast Reading