Misha HooMisha is a shamanic practitioner and teacher who is committed to sharing her knowledge and experience of personal transformation in an accessible way. Misha is passionate about self-development and spiritual growth and over the past 20 years has explored many different healing modalities including rebirthing, kinesiology, craniosacral balancing, somatic dance, hypnosis, energy healing, vibrational therapy, tarot, and massage.

In 1995 Misha joined a women’s’ circle of shamanic studies and began her own journey of healing and self-discovery. She took part in a public ritual The Many Faces of a Beautiful Woman – a shamanic initiation into the healing powers of the sacred feminine and learned how to access her inner vision and create change through shamanic journeying. She went on to study Celtic, North American, and Peruvian Shamanism and is now able to weave together traditional knowledge with modern approaches to personal growth.

Misha has worked with spiritual teachers in Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Hawaii, South Africa, and Peru, learning how to perform Soul Retrievals and Shamanic Medicine. She is an accredited Trance Dance Facilitator, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in religious studies.

Misha has developed her own system of Soul Weaving Energy Healing produced a Tarot deck Tarot in Black & White, and a Shamanic Immersion Audio Series available for download at ArtShamaness.

Misha facilitates a variety of Shamanic  Journey Workshops in Cairns.

Always following her own inner guidance, Misha has used her vision, energy sensitivity and intuitive abilities to achieve clarity, wholeness, and integrity. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge of healing and personal growth with others in a way that is accessible to all.

Misha was born in Brisbane and has been living in Far North Queensland since 2007. Misha is currently available for personal therapy in Cairns on Mondays at Dragonfly Zen, 142 Grafton St, and regularly runs classes in shamanic practices.