Deerskin Drums

Deerskin DrumI am pleased to offer handmade 15 inch Native American style Shamanic Medicine Drums with Australian Deerskin and plantation Hoop Pine. The drum beaters are made with local salvaged rainforest timber such as Black Wattle with a deerskin head.

These traditional drums are perfect for meditation or journey work and can be custom made especially for you.

In crafting a custom made drum, I will journey to retrieve your drum’s medicine and a blessing from your deer, then weave this medicine into your very own personal drum.

Custom drums will take four weeks to make and cost $450 plus $30 shipping within Australia. Please advise me by email if you live in humid or dry country as this will effect the tension.

When ordering your drum, you have the choice of three designs – the Classic Four Directions, Spiral Design and Eight Legged Star. Please see the examples below.

Classic Four DirectionsFour Directions

This is the most common style of weaving for shamanic drums and it is a very stable design.

The four arms of the back weaving represent the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West as well as the four natural elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

It is customary to honour the four directions and elements when opening a ritual, gathering or celebration with your drum and this weave can bring stability, structure and grounding to your journey practices.


Spiral WeaveSpiral Design

The spiral weave reflects the circular patterns of growth and change found in nature, the structure of DNA and the spiral dance of the planets through the skies above.

Native American legends speak of the spiral dance that opens the door to the Dreamtime, connecting us with our ancestors as well as our destiny.

This spiral design draws energy towards the centre of your drum and can assist you in maintaining a singular point of focus whilst navigating the unseen worlds through which you journey.


Eight Legged StarEight Legged Star

A variation on the Four Directions weave, the Eight Legged Star design extends the four limbs to create a cross with eight distinct sections.

The number eight connects us with infinity as well as the medicine of Grandmother Spider who always contacts the great web of life with her eight limbs.

The Eight Legged Star design offers the stability of four directions with the addition of four extra extensions for the adventurous wanderer!


Please note that each of these weaving designs offer aesthetic and energetic differences only and do not influence the musical performance of the drum. Please choose the weaving style that most appeals to you.

To order a custom made drum, please make a payment below and choose from the three weaving options.

Alternately, you live in Far North QLD and you would like to make your own shamanic medicine drum with Kangaroo hide, the Drum Making Workshop will be held in Julatten in August 2019.

Custom Shamanic Medicine Drum