Reiki – Usui System

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOReiki is one of the oldest and best known systems of hands-on energy healing, first used by the Tibetan Buddhist monks thousands of years ago and re-discovered in the 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usui.  The Usui system of Reiki is a very simple but powerful healing technique that is easily given and received by anyone.

The name Reiki is Japanese in origin and is loosely translated to mean “Rei – Unversal or Godforce”, “Ki – (like Chi, Prana, Mana) life force energy.  So Reiki is a universal healing energy which flows both from the Godforce or Higher Consciousness, and from the earthly Lifeforce, Breath, Bread of Life.

Reiki has three levels of study with three seperate initiations or attunements which attune the practitioner’s energetic system to the specific frequencies of Reiki.  This creates a clear channel through which the Reiki energy can flow as well as initiating a process of growth and transformation for the initiate.  Many people experience a detoxification process after receiving a Reiki attunement and suddenly give up smoking, drinking or other unhealthy habits.

What makes Reiki distinctly different from other hands-on healing modalities is the use of ancient symbols.  There are five traditional Reiki symbols which carry the power of an ancient lineage.  These symbols carry instructions for healing which are recognised in the body and energetic field.  They are like a sacred code, a language which was designed to bridge cultural and historic barriers.

Reiki was one of the first healing modalities that I learned in 1995 and each of the three attunements has come at a significant time in my life, giving me an extra boost forward in my personal development and spiritual path.  Therefore I will always recommend Reiki as one of the most simple yet potentially powerful practices you can invite into your life.

Reiki healing sessions are a reliable way to “recharge your batteries”, relax and receive the universal healing energy that sustains all of life.  Reiki heals on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels, clears energetic blockages and restores balance.  Reiki is supportive, nurturing and empowering.

Reiki sessions usually take about an hour and can be repeated as often as you wish.

Reiki Sessions are $110, to book a personal session please contact me

I am also teaching Reiki – workshop details here