Sabotage Clearance – Kinesiology

KinesKinesiology is a simple, effective technique for identifying and clearing energetic blockages though muscle testing. By connecting with the subconscious beliefs, emotions and memories held within the body/mind, we are able to transform difficulties and disease into happiness and health.

Kinesiology works by using an indicator muscle to show where you are holding stress and what is required for clearing.

Usually an issue begins to clear once it has been brought into awareness, and rapid Light Body Activation techniques assist the energy to transform.

Most people have sabotage programs in at least one of these areas:

• Relationship difficulties – Personal/Couples/Family/Workplace

• Addictions such as Smoking / Computers / Shopping / Risk aversion

• Lack of Money / Success / Abundance / Happiness

• Constant health problems such as Weight issues / Chronic fatigue / Low energy

• Problem areas that just seem to keep re-occurring in your life

During a session we will clear your highest priority blockages which prevent you from realising your fullest potential and activate your goals so that you can create the future that you know you deserve.

Sessions include scanning for food sensitivities, discordant beliefs, emotional trauma, attached hooks and cords, inappropriate choices, limiting attitudes and poverty consciousness.  All sessions include the application of the “Think and Grow Rich” scan charts.

Sabotage Clearance and Goal Activation sessions are $110 and can be done in person or arranged on Skype at a time that suits you.

If you wish to book a Skype session, please send me an email to and make a payment below.