Soul Weaving – Energy

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOSoul Weaving Energy Healing is my own system of working with my hands through the many layers of the auric field which surround our physical bodies, and has been developed over several years of hands-on experience.

In 2003 I experienced a profound opening of my crown chakra accompanied by a new level of awareness – in particular, a sudden realization and understanding of what I call “The Big Picture”, or multi-dimensional reality.  My awareness had opened to higher levels of consciousness and from these dimensions came a new kind of energy healing.

When facilitating Soul Weaving Energy Healing,  I allow the energy to move my hands in patterns and figures through the auric field.  The movements are directed by the energy itself and there are movements which facilitate clearing, movements which open up new channels of information and movements which bind or integrate, to name just a few.

During a session each of the chakras will be cleared, strengthened and balanced with new light, energy and information brought into the auric field.  Soul Weaving works multi-dimensionally, clearing blockages and healing separation on all levels.  Past life experiences and karmic issues can also be resolved with clients reporting that they feel lighter, clearer and more present after a session.

I chose the name Soul Weaving after a comment from one of my first clients (a Reiki Master) who said, “I feel like you are putting my soul back in my body, and I’ve never felt myself in this kind of way before.”

Soul Weaving is a multi-dimensional system of energy healing which stimulates change and growth on all levels. I recommend 3-5 weekly or fortnightly sessions so that the energy can integrate through the many layers of the auric field.  The first session usually initiates a lot of clearing and changes begin to occur.  With subsequent sessions the energy deepens, as new information is integrated and awareness is strengthened.

Soul Weaving Energy Healing sessions usually take about 1½ hours and can be repeated as often as you wish.

Soul Weaving Sessions are $110, to book a session please contact me