Pagan Astrology Course

This unique 13 month course is currently underway and is not accepting new participants.

For a full calendar year, we will follow the path of the Sun through the twelve signs of the Western zodiac, forging a personal relationship with the 12 heavenly bodies that influence our lives the most; the planets, Sun, Moon, Earth, and the asteroid Chiron.

In each class, we will approach one astronomical sphere through the lens of Western astrology to understand its role in our natal chart, and therefore its strength and area of influence over our lives, then examine its place in pagan mythology. All of the heavenly bodies are named after, or associated with, a prominent pagan identity and thus represent archetypal powers within our own psyches. We will then journey via shamanic trance to connect with the Goddess, God, or figure associated with each planetary body and also journey to merge with the spiritual resonance of the astronomical sphere itself.

Working with the planets, asteroids, stars, and satellites in this way allows us to integrate their qualities within ourselves and gain a deeper appreciation of our own strengths, vulnerabilities, talents or preferences. In addition, consciously connecting with the energies of pagan Goddesses, Gods, and symbols is a powerful spiritual practice to embody the gifts they offer. The Pagan Astrology Course is thus an unique fusion of Western astrology, contemporary paganism, and shamanic practices.

There will be an Introductory Class on the 19th February to discuss the key themes, a journey to connect with your Power Animal who will be your guide during subsequent journeys, and an explanation of how to read your natal chart, with notes on the significance of the twelve houses and signs. If you are new to astrology or have not done any journey work with me before, I recommend that you attend the Introductory Class.

This course is $50 per class, paid monthly. Whilst there are naturally times when participants might not be able to attend every class, due to work or family obligations, the Pagan Astrology Course is designed for people who have a strong commitment to their own spiritual development and intend to pursue the classes for a full year. By working together consistently over time, we are able to form a closely knit group which amplifies the opportunity for deeper and more cohesive experiences for everyone.

I am very excited to be offering this course and I do hope that you will join me on this grand adventure through the solar system!

Please contact me before the start date if you wish to join this course and I can print your natal chart for you.

Classes will run once a month on Sundays from 7 – 10pm at the Yorkeys Knob Community Centre, Wattle St.

Please bring a journal and a pen, and something to cover your eyes if you wish. Since this course covers 12 months, I recommend using a dedicated journal to record your experiences.

Class dates:

19th February – Intro
19th March
23rd April
21st May
18th June
23rd July
20th August
17th September
22nd October
19th November
17th December
21st January 2018
18th February 2018
25th March 2018