Rattle Making Workshop

Antler RattleIn this workshop, we will be making a Shamanic Rattle out of deerskin rawhide, using semi-precious stone beads for the filling and naturally shed deer antler for the handle.

In shamanic cultures, rattles are played in order to access altered states for journeying, in the same way that a drum is often used. Rattles have the advantage of being small and easy to transport and are a useful companion on beach or nature walks.

Rattles are also easily used whilst dancing and can be employed during healing work to clear stagnant energies.

Making your own shamanic rattle can be a powerfully transformative process that allows you to connect more fully with your own rhythm, your ability to “shake things up”, create change, clear stuck energies and receive intuitive messages. Making a particular rattle at an important transition in your life can be a profound way to honour a rite of passage through the expression of your creativity.

The next Rattle Making Workshop will be held on Friday 25th and and Saturday 26th October 2019 in Yorkeys Knob, Cairns. Friday is from 12-5pm and Saturday from 10am-1pm.

The rawhide for our rattles must dry overnight, so this workshop will be held in two stages. On the first day, we will journey to connect with the medicine of our new rattle and to receive messages for its use, then shape and prepare our rawhide pieces, selecting the stones we wish to use to fill the rattle and our binding cord. We will then bind the rattles and hang them overnight to dry. The next morning, we will finish making the rattles which will then be ready to take home and use. In this way, our rattles are created over a 24 hour period and absorb the energies of both day and night into their medicine.

The Rattle Making Workshop will be held at a shady park in Yorkeys Knob, Cairns, and I will take care of your rattles overnight. Please bring a blanket or mat to sit on, a journal and pen, a water bottle, something to cover your eyes if you wish and any feathers or beads that you may wish to incorporate into your rattle.

The investment for this workshop is $200 pp including all materials and tuition, please make a deposit or full payment below to secure your place. As the workshop is limited to only six participants, refunds are only possible when someone fills your place.

Rattle Making Workshop