Sacred Scarab

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOThe Sacred Scarab Attunement is a powerful reconnection to the Earth, clearing obstacles in your physical life and assisting in the authentic manifestation of the self. Directly targeting the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and etheric) this Sacred Attunement removes blockages in the chakras and energetic system. This healing is particularly beneficial for ‘self’ issues, digestive disorders, detoxing, processing trauma and assimilating new information.

Anywhere that you hold resistance, fear or unprocessed experiences or emotions, you are not fully present.  Anywhere that you are not fully present, you are not standing in your power.  The Sacred Scarab Attunement is designed to digest and remove the highest priority blockages to your fullest embodiment, because only when you are fully present can you truly begin to fulfill your spiritual mission here on Earth.

The Sacred Scarab brings a powerful and profound initiation into mastery of the physical dimension – connecting you to the Earth’s energetic grid, leylines, dimensional orientation and universal laws.  This sacred knowledge will assist you to manifest into the physical world and ground your visions into the Earthplane.

In Egyptian mythology, the Sacred Scarab was revered as the overseer of resurrection – death and rebirth.  The humble Scarab is able to roll balls of dung many times his own body weight: similarly the Egyptians were able to manipulate the laws of gravity in order to shift huge stone blocks to build the great pyramids.   The Sacred Scarab was likened to the Creator who rolled the sun across the sky and later in Christian Mysticism, has been equated with Christ himself and the promised resurrection. Depending on your location, you may already be visited by scarabs every year in the form of the common “Christmas Beetle”.

I am honoured to share with you this unique and potentially life changing Sacred Attunement. I will connect with your Higher Self, staying in contact with you energetically throughout. You may see the mighty Scarab Spirit or feel his presence in or around you during the healing. I will receive information for you which I will send in a feedback email within 24 hours of your session.  Depending on how sensitive you are to energy work you will most likely feel waves moving through your body, tingling, heat or deep relaxation.

The Sacred Scarab Attunement is $111 and will take about an hour.  We will arrange a time to suit you when you can be alone and uninterrupted, sitting or lying down if you wish.  Please order your session below and I will email you to arrange a suitable time.

This attunement was grounded during the Full Solar Eclipse on November 14, 2012 at Palmer River (a land rich in Gold) Australia. Its transmission is aided by a Tigers Eye crystal sphere.