Serpent Medicine

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOSerpent Medicine bestows the power to transmute the self, to ‘shed the skin’ of what no longer serves and to fuse layers of our reality into wholeness. Through the process of life we can become fragmented, often letting parts of ourselves fall dormant as we deal with the necessities of survival. When our ‘self’ is fragmented, our power is fragmented and we may suffer from scattered thinking, lack of energy, poor timing or inability to move forward. Even when the focus has been on spiritual growth or healing, there are often aspects of the self which must be reintegrated to bring the whole self into alignment.

Once the self is fused into wholeness, this process cannot be undone. We take an evolutionary step from experiencing ourselves as made up of many parts, to experiencing ourselves as One. For those who have walked a path of healing, this is a critical step in moving from ‘healing’ into ‘wholeness’.

In receiving Serpent Medicine we are working with the ancient power of Alchemy and are able to symbolically ‘turn lead into gold’. Via an infusion of Golden Liquid Light, we transform the denser, unaware energies into usable power to serve our highest good. This transmutation of the ‘shadow’ qualities of the self allows us to take a giant leap forward in our awareness and experience of life.

Serpent Medicine is a powerful initiation into the sacred power of the Serpent who teaches us wholeness, integrity of self, transmutation and the sacred art of Alchemy. This transmission is guided by Thoth, assisted by the Alchemical Powers, supported by the Serpent Spirit and the Golden Liquid Light. I worked in a hands-on role in the caring of pythons for one year, learning how to connect with their energies via meditation, before grounding this attunement at the Snake Temple, Penang (in the presence of live Pit Vipers) on the final day of the Chinese New Year celebrations,Year of the Snake, 2013.  Its transmission is aided by a Pyrite and Hematite crystal sphere.

I am honoured to share with you this unique and potentially life changing Sacred Attunement. I will connect with your Higher Self, staying in contact with you energetically throughout. You may see Serpents or Golden Liquid Light during the healing. I will receive information for you which I will send in a feedback email within 24 hours of your session.  Depending on how sensitive you are to energy work you will most likely feel waves moving through your body, tingling, heat or deep relaxation.

The Serpent Medicine Attunement is $111 and will take about an hour.  We will arrange a time to suit you when you can be alone and uninterrupted, sitting or lying down if you wish.  Please order your session below and I will email you to arrange a suitable time.