The Sacred Fire – Free Transmissions

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOThe patterns of Divine Perfection are imprinted within every electron of all life substance. On a cellular level, these patterns are held in place through the power of primal light substance referred to as the Sacred Fire. A highly concentrated activity of light, the Sacred Fire is a powerful current of energy that, when actively invoked, initiates an intelligent awakening of the Divine Consciousness within.

For several years I have been an active participant in the global platform Children of the Sun which assists in the transformation of collective consciousness through education, synchronised global meditations and the regular transmission of healings through the Earth’s Crystalline Energy Grid. I have found this work to be of absolute integrity and extremely effective in supporting personal process. Central to these teachings is the direct experience and daily application of the Sacred Fire to assist all of us in our deepening processes of personal alchemy.

The Sacred Fire appears as coloured flames of light which can be called upon to purify, transmute and transform all discordant energies within your personal field.  You can invoke the Sacred Fire to resolve specific situations (understanding that the outcome will be for the highest good of all) and daily application of the Sacred Fire is recommended to accelerate and support your spiritual growth.

I am currently sending out free monthly transmissions of the Sacred Fire to all those who choose to receive this powerful healing energy.  These free transmissions will occur on the 1st of every month at 8pm AEST. I will make contact with your Higher Self and then proceed to bring the various coloured rays of light into effect for teaching and healing at the deepest levels.

Sacred Fire transmissions should be received in a meditative state, so please establish a contemplative space where you will not be disturbed for about an hour and simply focus your intention to receive the energy transmission. You may wish to visualise that we are gathering around a campfire. Each month I will offer a specific theme for healing and transmutation which you will receive in a monthly newsletter along with information about upcoming workshops and events that I am facilitating.

Please join the monthly newsletter if you would like to receive, or sign up to each monthly event on Facebook, I look forward to sharing with you the Sacred Fire.