Past Life & Entity Clearance

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOIt is the law of nature that everything is recycled and it is a scientific truth that energy is never lost, only transformed. We are born from the earth and our bodies return to the earth to be recycled.  So too our soul energy is returned to Source to be transformed and reborn.

Soul fabric carries energetic imprints and memories from past lives can be disruptive in this life.  Particularly traumatic or stressful experiences can leave a strong imprint and may be carried for many lifetimes. In some cultures, this is referred to as karma.

Energy is life, and an intense unresolved situation has a life of its own.  Since nature seeks to balance, unresolved patterns will continue to repeat until they find resolution, and every time we react to an unpleasant situation we feed it more emotional energy and so it continues to grow.

That is why you can often become stuck in unproductive behaviour or disruptive relationships as these unresolved issues repeat in your life.  Even when you become aware of the pattern repeating, you may not be able to change it through conscious effort alone.

We tend to blame ourselves for our mistakes “I knew s/he wasn’t any good for me”, “I should have seen that coming” etc but past life imprints can be strong and can pull us with great power.  When you feel pulled into a person, an addiction or situation that you know doesn’t make any sense, you can be sure that there are past life issues at work.

We can also be affected by the memories of cultural traumas like wars, witch-burning, invasion, and genocide which are held in the collective human psyche.  These experiences often cause irrational fears and over-reactions in situations which trigger those memories.

In a Shamanic Medicine Session, it is common for past life, collective and archetypal issues to be resolved and they can easily be cleared across all lifetimes and all dimensions.  Through our interconnectedness. our own healing contributes to the healing of our family, our culture and the world psyche. I also have experience in removing curses and hexes.

Entities are thought-forms which interrupt our mental state and energy beings which feed off our energy field.  Have you ever had a thought and wondered “where did that come from?”  Many of the thoughts and feelings that we experience are not authentically ours. They can be picked up from others or from the collective human psyche and when they become lodged in our energy field they become an Entity. An Entity is like a parasite.  Our bodies naturally carry parasites, and so do our minds.  When we are in balance our internal ecosystem is harmonious.  When we are out of balance our energetic system is vulnerable and we can attract a lot of “hangers on”.

Entities are responsible for a lot of negative thinking and feeling and can make you extremely tired.  In a Shamanic Medicine Session, I will clear any Entities which are disrupting your energy field and return them to Source.  Most people notice a significant shift after having Entities cleared and find that they have more energy, clearer thinking, more peace, and space to be themselves.

Shamanic Medicine Sessions can be repeated as often as you wish, however, I recommend doing 3 – 4 sessions initially, then giving the healing time to integrate.

Shamanic Medicine Sessions are $110 and are also available by distance

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