Power Animals, Guides & Plant Spirits

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOFrom the Shamanic perspective, we are multi-dimensional beings, intimately connected to all of life including the animals, plants, water, earth, our ancestors, the stars and the worlds beyond.  We learn about ourselves by observing our environment, by understanding the ways of nature.

It is understood that the earthwalk of a human can be challenging and that at times we may need spiritual assistance.  Our primary helper is our Power Animal.

Your Power Animal is the one that best represents your talents and abilities.  Your Power Animal reflects your greatest gifts and shows you the way in which you do things.  Power Animal is the animal we are most like, and most people respond “ohhhh, of course!” when their Power Animal is discovered.

Power Animal’s most important gift is to heal and protect your inner child and provide the energy to transform woundedness into power.  You may have many animal totems or guides who will journey with you at different times but your Power Animal is your strongest ally and is with you for life. It is important to remember that the most powerful ally might not be the most glamorous one and that your Power Animal might just be an insect!

In a Shamanic Medicine Session, the first thing that I will do is a journey to discover your Power Animal.  This in itself initiates a process of healing as this dormant power is awakened.

Many people like to discover Spirit Guides, and I can contact any Guides who wish to make themselves known to you.

For those who have already had contact with their Power Animal, I would like to introduce you to a Plant Spirit. The plant kingdom is usually more subtle in its contact but extremely powerful and I have learned much from plants and trees.  If you had a strong connection to nature as a child, climbing trees for example, then you will benefit greatly from a personal Plant Spirit connection.

Shamanic Medicine Sessions can be repeated as often as you wish, however, I recommend doing 3 – 4 sessions initially, then giving the healing time to integrate.

Shamanic Medicine Sessions are $110 and are also available by distance. Distance Sessions to discover your Power Animal only is $55.

To book a Shamanic Medicine session, please contact me