Soul Retrieval & Extraction

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOIn Shamanic Medicine, damage to the self is identified as Soul Loss.  When we suffer trauma, emotional crisis or significant stress, we suffer soul loss.  Every time we compromise our own truth or are unable to stand our own ground, we lose pieces of soul, fragments of self. When we enter into emotional bartering “I’ll do this for you if you do that for me”, we unconsciously trade off our soul pieces.

Soul theft occurs through violence, rape, and abuse including mental and emotional abuse.  Have you ever heard the expression “s/he tore strips off me”? That is precisely what has happened. Attacking another, even verbally, can rob them of vital soul energy.

Many people suffer soul loss when caring for a sick or dying loved one, often giving too much of themselves in order to keep the other alive, and in co-dependent relationships, there is so much soul swapping going on that it’s hard to tell who is who anymore.  When someone insists “I can’t live without him/her” they are probably right because they have given up so much of themselves to make the relationship “work” that they can’t stand on their own two feet anymore.

Children are especially vulnerable to soul loss, as the ego is not fully developed until adulthood.  The ego serves to protect us, to give us boundaries so that we know where we start and the rest of the world stops.  The ego ensures that we get what we need and defines what is our responsibility and what is not. When there is a crisis in the family, children often think that it is their fault and the resulting guilt and self-blame severs vital soul energy.

There isn’t a person walking the earth who hasn’t suffered some soul loss.  Just an experience of disappointment, failure or embarrassment can be enough to make us shrink into ourselves, close off our true feeling and harden our hearts to protect ourselves from further hurt.

Our response to soul loss is to reach for band-aids.  We fill the gap with whatever energy is close at hand; for example, food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, other people’s energy, extreme sports, dangerous activities or escapism like movies, romantic fantasy, daydreaming, sleeping, procrastinating and staring into space.

The symptoms of soul loss are many and range from the extremes of depression, suicide, lack of motivation, cynicism, egotism, paranoia and aggression to the subtlety of tiredness, loss of libido, difficulties in relationships, neediness, inability to carry ideas through to completion, dissatisfaction with life, emptiness or a feeling that something is missing, just something……

The purpose of Shamanic Medicine is to retrieve the lost fragments of the soul.  It is by calling back the missing or damaged soul pieces that we can be made whole again, and it doesn’t matter when or where the soul loss has occurred or even whether we can remember the injury.

In a Shamanic Medicine Session, I will extract any unwanted energy which may be “band-aiding” the injury and retrieve any soul fragments that are ready to return. Soul Retrievals can be repeated as often as you wish, however, I recommend doing 3 – 4 sessions initially, then giving the healing time to integrate.

Shamanic Medicine Sessions are $110 and are also available by distance

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