Shamanic Rattles

Red Shamanic RattleI am pleased to offer handmade Shamanic Medicine Rattles crafted from Australian deerskin, antler and semi-precious gemstones with fallen feathers. Options include natural or coloured rawhide

For centuries, indigenous cultures have been using rattles for music and ritual purposes such as accessing altered states, communicating with spirits and performing shamanic healing. You may wish to use your rattle to create a rhythm for meditation, dance or walking, to assist you on shamanic journeys, or for your own ritual practices.

Custom rattles will take three weeks to make and send within Australia and cost $250 plus $20 shipping.

Ready-made rattles are available for purchase online at ArtShamaness


Coloured RattlesBlack Shamanic Rattle

I am currently offering rattles in four colour options – natural, black, red and turquoise. Coloured rattles are crafted from individually hand-dyed deerskin, so each piece of rawhide is dyed especially for your rattle.

As each rattle is unique, there will be variations in the colour density and hue. Colours shown should be used as a guide only.

Strong coloured cord is used to bind your rattle and whip the handle-grip so you can be sure that, with good care, your rattle will remain intact for many years.


Natural Deerskin Rattles

Rattles crafted with natural deerskin are not dyed and the colour may vary from light beige to darker brown or spotted, depending on the skin used.

All shamanic rattles are approximately 5 inches (12.5cm) in width across the head and around 14 inches (35cm) in total length.

The deerskin used to make the rattles is sprayed with a water resistant finish, however, shamanic rattles are not waterproof and must not be left on wet surfaces including wet grass or used outside during rain.


Deer Antler Hand-gripDeer Antler Rattle

Deer antlers are naturally shed every year and provide a heavier hand-grip when compared with wood.

Antler hand-grips vary in length from around 10-12 inches (25 – 30cm) and can have one or two points depending on the piece used.

Stronger than bone, antler is naturally smooth and water resistant whilst offering a powerful weighted feeling in the hand.


Semi-Precious Gemstones

All rattles are filled with semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, obsidian, jasper or rose quartz, chosen for their spiritual and healing qualities. Gemstones do not suffer from mould or break down over time in the same way as organic substances and therefore provide the rattle with a long life and reliable sound.

You may request specific stones if you wish, however, this may extend the time necessary to make your rattle.



In crafting a custom rattle, I will journey to retrieve your rattle’s medicine and a blessing from your deer, then weave this medicine into your very own personal medicine rattle. Please advise me if your rattle is intended to mark a special occasion, or if you are ordering a gift for someone else.

To order a custom rattle, please make a payment below and choose from the four colour options.

Custom Shamanic Rattle