Tarot in Black & White


Tarot in Black & White – a Path to Personal Transformation was created in collaboration with talented artist Jakob Hronek. After several years of working with various Tarot systems, I was inspired to create a new expression of Tarot in a contemporary form and received a vision of what was to become the Tarot in Black & White.

An original interpretation of the traditional Tarot system, Tarot in Black & White follows the classic structure of Major Arcana with 21 cards and Minor Arcana, expressed through the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. There are Numerical Cards from 2 to 10, Ace and Royalty Cards in each suit and the entire set is comprised of 78 cards.

All of the cards are illustrated with graphic representations of real Crop Circles found in farmlands across the world, drawn by artist Jakob Hronek. Extensive searching was carried out to find the exact images which reflect the qualities of each card and each image was carefully chosen to provide a visual stimulus which goes beyond the face value of the card.

Art speaks to our sub-conscious and Crop Circles, no matter what their origins, are significant works of art which carry messages to the world. In bringing together the modern phenomenon of Crop Circles with the traditional structure of the Tarot, a marriage is made between ancient and contemporary symbolism.

Each card also carries a name, one word which best describes the principle meaning of the Card. In this way both the image and the word speak at the same time, bringing together two different approaches to understanding the card.

In designing the Tarot in Black & White, our intention is to produce a modern Tarot which is unique, visually stimulating, easy to understand and yet capable of reaching the depths demanded by the very nature of Tarot. We hope you enjoy using the Tarot in Black & White as much as we enjoyed creating it.

The Tarot in Black & White contains 78 Cards, Instruction Book and Printed Cloth Bag and is available at Dragonfly Zen, 142 Grafton St, Cairns and the Cairns Happy High Herb Shop in Lake Street.

For all other orders please contact Jakob at Tekno Logical