The Hoo of How

SHAMANIC MEDICINE & SOUL ALCHEMY WITH MISHA HOOWe are told that change is the only constant in life, however our relationship to change is always, umm, changing.  Some changes are unwelcome, like the unexpected ending of a relationship.  Other changes we just can’t wait for, like starting that new job or finally going on holidays or perhaps moving into a new house. Certain changes like aging appear to be inevitable and sometimes the changes that we would like to make can be elusive.

The tip jar on the counter at a local cafe sports the sign – “afraid of change? leave it here”.  That seems like an easy way out to me!

Seriously though, many people ask me how to initiate change in their lives.  When you’ve figured out what the problem is and know what you would like to change, how do you make it happen?

There are many tools that you can use to create change in your life, and there are many healing modalities to choose from.  I tend to tell people to follow their intuition, browse through the new age magazines, websites, flyers on noticeboards and follow whichever class or session grabs their attention.  Allow yourself to be naturally drawn to the energy that you require, is my advice.

Another powerful tool which we all possess is our imagination.  You can use your imagination to create a vision for the future that you would like to create and the changes that you desire.  Imagine how you would like your life to look and feel – and this is not so much about the details such as manifesting the red Ferrari for example, but more about the inner qualities.  Would you like more peace in your life for example, or more security, more adventure, love, inspiration?  What would that life look like, feel like?  Is it a perfect sunset over the beach fringed with palm fronds?  Or is it getting to the top of a tall mountain and overlooking the land below?

These techniques will help you find your way to the changes you desire, however a friend of mine recently reminded me of the step which comes before all of that – the step where you decide to change.  Some people get so caught up in the “how” to change that it becomes an obstacle.  “Well I really want to change this or that but I don’t know how” is really an excuse and reflects a feeling of powerlessness.  We often resist even the changes we badly need simply because change can be unsettling and sometimes frightening.

“What if I change this or that and the outcome is worse than what I have now?”  This kind of thinking can keep us stuck.  We can be unwilling to let go of what we have unless we feel guaranteed a better deal, but this kind of attachment only limits our possibilities. If we try to figure it all out in our heads we are unlikely to find a solution, since the mind loves to worry and fret.

Our lives manifest largely as a result of our intention, and our intentions are very powerful.  Intention can direct energy, and yes, create change.  So rather than getting caught up in the “how” to change, consider just making the commitment to change, and allow the “how” to fall into place of its own volition.

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