Why We Need Religion

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Why We Need Religion: A Shamanic Perspective is published on elephant journal

As a student of religion, I regularly encounter a hostile reaction to the very mention of the “R” word.
It usually goes something like this:

“Oh you’re at uni, what are you studying?”
“Really? [Insert Expletive] Why would you want to study that? As if we need more religion in the world!”

This response is often followed by an unsolicited account of that person’s resentment towards the Church (Christian, of course), an ill-informed view that without religion we wouldn’t have terrorism (since Muslim is the new synonym for terrorist) or a rebellious claim that “no one is going to tell me what to believe” (because you already understand the entirety of existence, clearly).

I do my best to listen patiently, and then change the subject, because I know that once someone’s trauma is triggered, it is impossible to engage them in rational conversation.

Trauma? How do I know that I am dealing with a person’s unprocessed trauma and not simply a valid opinion? That is clear in the energy of the response; the person is emotional and fired up, anger or resentment is clear in their face and tone of voice, and they roll their eyes, use sarcasm and attempt to devalue the entire, broad field of religion as useless, unwelcome and even dangerous to the modern world.

That is what trauma looks like when it is triggered.

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