Shamanic Intensive Cairns

The Shamanic Intensive is a full day workshop from 10:30am – 10pm on Saturday 27th November 2021 at Dragonfly Zen in Cairns.

This is an opportunity to do a deep dive into Shamanic Journey work and learn how to orient yourself in the three shamanic worlds, develop confidence in your journey practice, increase your intuitive perceptions and connect with powerful medicines for healing and spiritual growth.

During this workshop, we will journey to connect with a Power Animal, experience Upper, Middle, and Lower World journeys, learn an exercise for Soul Retrieval that can be practiced at home, and visit the Akashic Records to engage with soul contracts.

In the evening, we will finish with a Trance Dance, dancing blindfolded to immerse ourselves in a powerful integration journey through bodily movement and surrender. No previous shamanic journey experience is required to attend this workshop, however, a familiarity with personal process and a willingness to work in an intimate and supportive group environment is essential.

The Shamanic Intensive will be held from 10:30am – 10pm on Saturday 27th November at Dragonfly Zen, 142 Grafton St, Cairns.

The total cost of the workshop is $220 including lunch and dinner, please make a payment below to secure your place. This workshop is limited to 9 participants and refunds are only possible when the workshop is full and someone fills your place.

Please bring a journal and a pen, a water bottle and a bandana or scarf to cover your eyes. This workshop is not suitable for children.